Figurativas ¡We’ll be back in 2017!

Again, we had the immense satisfaction of being able to enjoy the spectacular show that brings together the best works of our international competition.

Because if something we have achieved over the years it is that the contest of the «Foundation of Arts and Artists» is already a classic in the international art scene, it is followed and read in many countries, and collect within it all areas and techniques of representation.

The power of this contest against many others, it is that the philosophy of it is not just giving these awards. It is not the prize which I am most interested in, nor the winner’s name. Because behind this initiative, there is a strong purchasing policy, grants, partnerships, that makes each year about one hundred works pass to swell the funds of the permanent collection. Because what we are doing here is not only summon artists from around the world to this competition, but also, and above all, to create a hard core, a real place, a home, a location, a center, physical, not virtual where the reality of the Contemporary Realist Art movement exist, is materializing, and grows.


We are now working with certain facts, paintings that can be seen up close, you can see brush strokes one by one, sculptures that can be played, not only virtual collections, reproduced by internet, calls for web pages, but real places. The collection of our Foundation, set out in MEAM, is already an undeniable fact. Perhaps the only reality of Contemporary Realist Art. And all this collection of pieces, behind each of which there is an artist giving everything for his work, is already a faithful representation of what constitutes the current art, now. And now is now, is not even in the late twentieth century, but fully, categorically, the art of our day, from the first third of the century.

Fakhri Bohang and his model.

Of course, like any human, we can be blinded, we can make mistakes, because any judgment is by definition fully priori. Time will tell, because time always puts anyone into place. To us, the only thing that motivates us is a passion for art that we cannot hide, and so many efforts and troubles sometimes it causes us. And that passion is then reflected in the fact as, without means other than incomes from entries in the activities of the museum, we gradually strengthening a project that is becoming increasingly powerful and acquiring international dimensions.

Jan Mikulka, Lori Shorin, Jose Manuel Infiesta and Paul Beel.
Miguel Ángel Moya, Jaime Valero and Adrià Llarch.

Every year when we publishes the list of winners, more than one and more than two expressed their disappointment, and cared very much for letting us know, and they are soothsayers and «this is not what is was before» and they no longer find the quality of previous calls. But when we set up the exhibition of all the works shown this year, and walk our eyes throught all the pieces presented, and we see the set of all the selected work, we feel the personal satisfaction that comes from the consciousness of watching one of the most interesting shows around the world contemporary art.

And this year again the same feelings overtakes me: when walking around this exhibition, to run between the paintings and sculptures of hundred selected pieces among more than two thousand presented, I cannot help but be proud of the quality that we have achieved. And I apologize to more than one and more than two also deserve being here but the jury, for whatever reason, rejected. And I will not deny it: A tear comes to my eyes at the thought of my efforts, the people of my team and, above all, so many artists who have nothing, who do not look anything, and who give their all with their effort, for being here, present among us, participating in this. Because they feel, like us, proud to participate in a project that unites us all in a common passion which has a short but powerful name: Art.

Thanks to them, thanks to you, thanks to the thousands of artists who have participated this year in both calls, thanks to all these efforts, we present now here the best of the current Contemporary Realist Art.
Jose Manuel Infiesta.


Foundation of the Art and Artist.

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  1. hola! me parece fantástica vuestra labor. Habemos quienes en distintos lugares del mundo hemos dedicado la vida a la pintura, viendo con inmensa impotencia la situación de secuestro que ha vivido el arte en nuestros días. Yo tengo un tutorial de arte, donde después de dirigir por muchos años un taller que formó no pocos pintores en el norte de México, ciudad de Monterrey, ahora los asesoro por internet, en mi tutorial hay un archivo de técnicas, una biblioteca, un lugar para reflexiones, etc… en general somos artistas aislados los que hemos rescatado, en la medida de nuestras posibilidades, la técnica, el oficio, el amor por la pintura. Les dejo el link a mi exposición actual en México (aunque vivo en Chile), que por estos días se muestra en Galería Arte Actual Mexicano. Muchos saludos!
    Ximena Subercaseaux

    Me gusta

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