MEAM’s New Acquisitions

The permanent collection of the Foundation of the Arts and Artist increased its funds by including new works. These are donations, bailment and acquisitions which will now be exhibited in the MEAM.

Sculpture by Manuel Mediavilla, one of he acquired works.

The works come mostly from Figurativas 2015 competition organized by the Foundation of the Arts and Artists, where artists participated opting for a top prize of up to 36,000€ in the category of paint and an acquisition fund of 44,000€ for sculpture category. More than 2,600 artists from around the world registered in the last call. The winner has been the Cordovan painter Manuel Castillero Ramirez. The jury was composed of international artists of recognized artistic career as Lita Cabellut , Antonio Lopez Garcia, Richard Estes, Daniel Graves and Odd Nerdrum.

Manuel Castillero & Fausto Martín

The MEAM increases the presence of foreign established artists at its funds, but at the same time show its commitment to young talent in the the beginning of their careers. This way, the Foundation of the Arts and Artists fulfills its main objective, by supporting the current realist artists in three phases: support artists through competitions, artistic training and promotion of his work in virtual platforms; collection of work on physical funds and their subsequent dissemination through the museum.

Left, Paul Beel’s painting, sculpture by Grzegorz Gwiazda and portrait of Jose Luis Corella.

The Foundation is working and will work for the artist not feel alone, and to make them understand that they are part of an entire artistic movement that believes in the dignity of art as the highest expression of the human being, and also make them feel proud to be part of a new generation of artists who represent the rise of contemporary realism in the panorama of contemporary art. An awakening that every day becomes more evident; a reality that makes us aware of the time and society in which we live. A few years ago, realist artists in our country, lay almost in the shadow of the contemporary art scene, in galleries and modern art centers. Today we can say that realism, has gained weight and has been noted in contests where representation is already majority.

Alejandro Carpintero (Right)

The MEAM has developed , in its few years of existence, a flurry of activity: in addition to exhibiting the funds from its current permanent art collection, the museum has show the collections of the twentieth century and presented to the local public, international artists such Chinese He Jiaying , the Californian Richard MacDonald , the New York Don Eddy , the Norwegian Odd Nerdrum and Spanish Golucho , etc. Currently, MEAM is preparing a new exhibition of the Catalan sculptor Josep Clara and in September,  is preparing a retrospective of Hungarian painter István Sándorfi.

We will be back soon with the full list of acquired works ¡Stay in touch!

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